Number 5. Moored

6x6 inches. Oil on Board

I thought I'd try the contemporary palette knife approach in an attempt to stay clear of detail.
I think the blues, yellows, oranges and reds compliment each other quite well.
I took the photo many years ago while travelling in France and attempted to paint it in detail and failed miserably, resulting in it being scraped totally clean. It's disappointing at the time, but I take comfort from the fact that all is not lost. I stll had a board ready primed. The original colours were early afternoon blues and it was an unhappy little painting...pretty drab and depressing, really. These colours are more towards evening and far from being unhappy or drab.
Never throw unsuccessful paintings away...just scrape them clean, let them dry, put it out of sight for a while then try again with fresh eyes and a different mood.


Ken Devine said…
Thank's, Sue. I appreciate the feedback.

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