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Capital One

12"x12" deep box canvas.I was at Capital One's headquarters in Nottingham today promoting my blog, my art and DailyPaintWorks. It was a good experience which even resulted in sales. 

My DIY Plein Air Easel

I gave myself a brief not to spend a single penny, not to have any wing-nuts, to have a facility to protect the painted boards until I got home and for it to be quick and easy to erect and dismantle. David & Eileen Flinn gave me the perspex last week. The backing board was salvaged from the summer house. The stand was a laser spirit level setup that David & Eileen gave as a birthday present about a hundred years ago...I used the laser to get the footings right while building our extension...I never used the stand but always felt I would in the future. The palette mixing tray was made from an old drawing board I've had kicking around for longer than I care to remember. The edging strips are left over from a job I did a number of years ago.The black paint I've had for about ten years and I'm surprised it's still okay. The white primer undercoat paint was bought about six years ago. Total cost including tacks and glue = zero.

Step one...slot the tray onto the stan…

First Fall

6x6 Oil on boardClick here for price and purchase details We went for a walk around our local lake in the fresh snow yesterday and captured some lovely crisp scenes. This is one of them. When snow first falls, it's gorgeous for everyone...except motorists.


6x6 Oil on boardClick here for price and purchase details These boats are on the River Wear and, as a kid, I used the area as a playground...particularly under the quay on the right.  I'm lucky to be alive to tell the tale. I do enjoy playing with colour and feel comfortable with abstraction