Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sun Kissed

6x6 Oil on board
A Sunday stroll with Martin and Sarah around our local lake in Newark. I struggled with the thought of not including the water as it was the trees that I thought interesting. The jealous water turned my head on this occasion. The inclusion of Naples Yellow Hue on the water was the deciding factor.


Randi said...

I'm so glad you included the water.You always capture water so perfectly and I think it really helps to direct the focus on the trees. Beautiful.

Blu said...

Oh yes that is lovely with the water.

Ken Devine said...

Hi Randi
Okay, I concede that I'm glad I included the water.

Hi Blu
Thanks! If you say it's lovely with the water, then it must be. How are you getting on with YOUR art? Are you still inspired to paint?