Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Mona Lisa

6x6 Oil on board
This is one of the DPW challenges relating to crowds. I wanted to capture the holiday mood and summery feel to sitting under a parasol and being waited on as you chat and laugh with friends or loved ones. It was a pleasure to get away from detail and go for atmosphere and gay in the old sense of the word. Aaagggh...why is it winter already?
What do I like about this painting as opposed to how I painted it? Well, I like the Parisian look...almost like a French impressionist poster...except it's not a French restaurant.
What don't I like about it? The parasol coming out of the head and being too far away from the couple in the foreground. I wasn't accurate when I painted it. Too much artistic licence, I suppose without really thinking about what I was doing. Sometimes we artists can be so blind:)
I painted another of the same scene with less warm colours and will post it tomorrow.

Paul came around to fix the wiring that I attempted in my studio. I have light! Light!! I've stuck a daylight bulb in there and hope I can paint for longer.

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