Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Loose in the Garden

6x6 Oil on board
 I started with the painting and realised I was including detail that I'm trying to avoid at the moment, so I painted the following three studies of the same scene with the thought of staying loose and using artistic you do. I used a white background for the first painting, an orange for the second, purple for the third and rose pink for the fourth.


Eileen said...

I like the first one most - it is still pretty loose.

Randi said...

I love all of them, but I am partial to the first--mainly because the shading on the grass is exquisite. It takes me back to childhood in the garden.

Ken Devine said...

Hi Eileen
What I meant to say was that I wanted a more loose but abstract study relying on intuition. The first began pretty loose, then I began painting bricks and the pump.

Hi Randi
It took all my time not to include the birdbath and loads more dappling. I guess I quit at the right time. I was happy with the trees and wished the wall hadn't been there.