Monday, October 24, 2011


You, me and our shadow.
I'm continuing painting out of my comfort zone in an attempt to learn about the painting process. I was particularly pleased with using a touch of yellow in the waves and the lack of detail in the figures, yet it works fine...I think! What I'm disappointed with is Martin taking centre stage...I mean, he's too close to the middle of the painting for my liking.


Madonna said...

Ken, I really like this. To me, the figure, and its shadow, are slightly off center, so it looks good to me.

Brad Miedema said...

This is great! I like the position of the figure. I love how the complimentary colors!

Julie Ford Oliver said...

This is wonderful, Ken. I can feel the air like I am there.

Ken Devine said...

Hi Madonna
I put the figure in the sea to accentuate the off-centre position of Martin. Perhaps it isn't so bad after all.

Hi Brad
Now I'm sure that you, as a fellow artist, would change something here if you had the opportunity. I'm tempted to change the colouring of the shadow and make Martin's left foot smaller (or right foot bigger).

Hi Julie
Ah, yes. I almost forgot about the air. It was such a good experience.

Anonymous said...

This painting is devine Ken. I love the colour of the sands and the tide being out in the background. The touch of yellow works wonders. I can almost feel the waves trundling over my tootsies. Keep it up, I love looking at your paintings. You should have been on the beach today to catch the angry atmosphere of the waves crashing onto the shore.... it was quite scarey. Needless to say, I wasn't fishing lol. Dorne

Ken Devine said...

Hi Dorne
I really do wish I could have seen them crashing. You are so lucky to be close at hand.
I wonder if the fish know it's going to be stormy and stay out of the way?

Martin Devine said...

yet another masterpiece - i love it, and not just because im in it. What a lovely stocking filler this would make - hint hint :)