Friday, August 26, 2011


One of the painting studios by the purpose-built Monet's pond and bridge in Nottinghamshire, UK. I was a resident artist here many years ago and loved to wander through the explosion of colour in the warm sunshine. This particular occasion was a stolen moment just prior to one of their national art conventions after I had finished my preparations.

Proceeds of this sale will go to the charity World Vision for the children in Africa...a challenge organised by DPW.


Craigy B said...

Hi Ken

I read about you in the Newark Advertiser today and have just started exploring your blog and other sites.

What you are doing is very inspiring. I recently started a daily photo-blog. I think it's a challenge enough, never mind painting a fresh work every day. Also, I'm not a professional (or even serious amateur) so I can let myself off the hook if pictures don't work out.

Keep up the good work. I'll keep following you. Best wishes.

Anonymous said...

brave and bold. What magnificent colour combinations. The whole scene is alive and makes me want to smile.

Ken Devine said...

It's good to know that someone reads the Advertiser:) The article isn't strictly accurate...I won't be painting weekends or when I go on holiday...I'll only be painting Monday to Friday. It's still a challenge, though and so far I'm enjoying it.

Why not continue with your photo a day and share it with the rest of the bloggersphere (I notice we can't see your profile or site)? It makes no difference if you are professional or's all about sharing:)

Ken Devine said...

Hi Anon
Thank you for your kind comment. You have commented before (I think). It would be nice to address you by name (even if it isn't your real name) so that I can know which anon commented.

I'm still thankful you took time to give feedback:)

Ken Devine said...

Ah, so it's you, Dorne (I've just read your reply to a previous post). I should read the oldest posts first:)