Paris in Pink

Paris in Pink 6x6 inches. Oil on Board.
I painted this scene in 2012 entitled Impressions of Paris but it came out very dull. I've overpainted it with more colour and it now has a new title to match the new mood. There is a part of me that wants to run rampant with colour with no regard for detail. I'm going to have to give in at some point and see where it leads.

Final Stage.

Final Stage 8x8 inches. Oil on Board.
I originally painted this in 2012, but I wasn't happy with the colours. So, here is the overpainted version...much better.


Relentless 6x6 inches. Oil on Board.
They just keep coming, wave after wave after wave.

30 paintings in 30 days challenge.

I have two more to add which makes 25. It isn't quite 30, but I'm satisfied.

Number 24. Sunset over Trédrez-Locquémeau.

Sunset over Trédrez-Locquémeau. 6x6 inches. Oil on Board.
The rock formations are pretty impressive in this region of Brittany.
I didn't manage to do my 30 in 30, but 24 is an improvement on last time.

Number 23. Rollers.

Rollers. 6x6 inches. Oil on Board.
Give me large waves and I'm happy, but painting them in oils is a frustrating business. I guess practice makes perfect. 

Number 22. Shallow Reflections

Shallow Reflections 6x6 inches. Oil on Board.
This is a stronger more detailed version of a painting I did a number of years ago. I just love reflections on water.

Number 21. Breaking Up.

Breaking Up. 6x6 inches. Oil on Board.
Continuing the seaside theme, here is one of thousands of breakers I captured this year at a beach somewhere here in France.

Number 20. Pointe de Séhar 2..

Pointe de Séhar 2.6x6 inches. Oil on Board.
Another study of the Pointe de Séhar trying to catch that spray caught in the evening sun.