Friday, August 30

Up for A Challenge

Okay, so give me that again...why am I signing up for the 30  paintings in 30 days challenge?

Because I'm finding all kinds of excuses not to spend time in the studio. I'm having no problem gathering resource material. The studio, although unfinished, is perfectly adequate as a working environment. I've placed paintings in various French outlets. I've found out how to obtain my Siret number (essential for selling art in France), but I'm not actually sitting down and getting stuck into painting yet.

Another reason for signing up for the challenge...I'd like to do some fast intuitive painting and see where it leads me.

My first painting will be painted tomorrow, but will be posted Sunday evening (I never work on Sundays unless it's some sort of emergency). Apparently, this is well within the rules set by Leslie Saeta.

I expect to paint first and then see what energy I have left for the things that have previously taken precedence.

Game on!


Jo Mackenzie said...

You are back! I was getting worried.

Ken Devine said...

Thanks, Jo...the weeks stretched to months and I was getting concerned myself.