Tuesday, January 17

Day 16.Trédrez-Locquémeau

6x6 inches. Oil on Board.

We had a weekend in the N.W area of Brittany for our Anniversary in October and visited lots of coastal areas...this being one of them. I loved the colours as the sun faded then disappeared.

Monday, January 16

Day 15. Rocky Pink

Rocky Pink

6x6 Inches. Oil on Board.

This is on the west coast of Ireland. The early morning sun did actually reflect pink on the crashing waves, but I'm treating this as a little bit of modern art.

Saturday, January 14

Day 14. Body Boarders

Body Boarders
6x6 inches. Oil on Board

I had to change the sky several times in order for it to tie in with everything else. I was tempted to change everything else as I don't really like doing skies.

Friday, January 13

Day 13. Summertime Shimmer

Summertime Shimmer
6x6 inches. Oil on Board.

It being Friday 13th, it's no wonder I struggled with this. I had it perfect...then on a whim i changed it. Wrong decision. I may overpaint it. I may not!

Thursday, January 12

Day 12. Loose Medium Wave Length

Loose Medium Wave Length.
8x8 inches. Oil on Board.

This is the looser, larger and more impressionistic version of the painting I did yesterday. I actually painted it at the same time so that I could get ahead of my 30 in 30 and to see if I enjoy painting loose more than something more detailed.
The verdict...I'm not really sure. This larger painting took more paint but a lot less time. I guess it comes down to just how I feel on the day.

Wednesday, January 11

Day 11. Medium Wave Length

Medium Wave Length
6x6 inches. Oil on Board.

It's all about the colour for this painting. I enjoyed it so much that I painted a larger one at the same time (8x8 inches) and more impressionistic in style that I will post tomorrow, perhaps. 

Tuesday, January 10

Day 10. Surge.

6x6 inches. Oil on Board.

It was definitely a challenge. I'm beginning to have second thoughts about painting 30 seascapes. They are so hard to do. Perhaps I should do some simple intuitive ones?

Monday, January 9

Day 9. Buried Treasure.

Buried Treasure
6x6 inches. Oil on Board.

It's always fascinating to see what's uncovered by an outgoing tide.
We have a collection of pebbles and stones in our living room from around the world.

Sunday, January 8

Day 8. Pebbles

6x6 inches. Oil on Board.

I enjoyed painting the pebbles. Waves, beach and sky means this painting could be anywhere in the world, even though it's just down the road, here in Brittany. Next week I'll be off to photograph some stormy conditions at the coast. I really fancy some choppy waves to paint.

Saturday, January 7

Day 7. Incoming Tide, Quiberon.

Incoming Tide, Quiberon.
6x6 inches. Oil on Board.

This is further back along the beach at Saint-Pierre. It's a great little beach and I can't wait to visit it again. What hit me the most was the colour of the water and the soft sand. There a lots of beaches in Brittany and they each have their own characteristics.

Friday, January 6

Day 6. Plage de Port Blanc, Saint-Pierre, Quiberon.

Plage de Port Blanc, Saint-Pierre, Quiberon.
6x6 inches. Oil on Board.

This was our favourite beach for the Summer of 2016. The colour of the  water, the soft sand, the coastal walks and the magnificent arch which is right near these rocks...I'll paint it soon if I find the confidence..

Thursday, January 5

Day 5. Moored

6x6 inches. Oil on Board

I thought I'd try the contemporary palette knife approach in an attempt to stay clear of detail.
I think the blues, yellows, oranges and reds compliment each other quite well.
I took the photo many years ago while travelling in France and attempted to paint it in detail and failed miserably, resulting in it being scraped totally clean. It's disappointing at the time, but I take comfort from the fact that all is not lost. I stll had a board ready primed. The original colours were early afternoon blues and it was an unhappy little painting...pretty drab and depressing, really. These colours are more towards evening and far from being unhappy or drab.
Never throw unsuccessful paintings away...just scrape them clean, let them dry, put it out of sight for a while then try again with fresh eyes and a different mood.

Wednesday, January 4

Day 4. Rocky Shore

Rocky Shore
6x6 inches. Oil on Board

If you think this looks familiar, you are right. It's the same painting as yesterday. I've overpainted it to resemble what it actually looks like and made it more colourful. The good thing is that I still have an image of yesterday's effort. The bad new is that I can never sell it.
I'm much happier with the colours and looseness.

Tuesday, January 3

Day 3. Ripple

6x6 inches Oil on Board
I'm slowly getting into it, but I'm nowhere near loose enough for my liking. Perhaps tomorrow!

Monday, January 2

Day 2 Sand, Sea, Seaburn

Sand, Sea, Seaburn.
6x6 inches Oil on Board.

Another painting that didn't make the grade a number of years ago. I've completely over-painted it and made the sky more dramatic, toned the sand down and added definition and colour to the landscape. This was my childhood local beach, so it was worth giving it a second chance..

Saturday, December 31

Day 1. Crest

In my heart I would like to become more intuitive in my painting, and hopefully this 30 paintings in 30 days will help me. I'm worried that my head might still have a say, though. 

Oil on Board 6x6 inches.

I've revisited  a painting I wasn't satisfied with from 2015 to give it a new lease of life and a better chance of selling. I think it was harder than starting fresh, but I feel better that it's a lot closer to how I wanted. The scene is of a beach in Brittany on a sunny, but very windy day.

Wednesday, December 28

A new year!

Its a new year and a new resolve. This time I'm determined to do the Leslie Saeta 30 paintings in 30 days challenge beginning January. First painting on show is Sunday January 1st (painted on Saturday 31st as I never work on Sunday).

I'm not sure if I want it to be a completely intuitive experience or not. Time will tell.

Tuesday, December 22

Muffin, Banksy and Tufti

The last of this year's commissions. It was challenging because of the colouring of the dogs, but I'm pleased with the outcome.  I worked from a number of photos and had to deal with colour variation and differing backgrounds.  Merging the dogs wasn't the easiest thing either. Tufti is on the right and is no longer with us. I need to order more payne's grey :)

Wednesday, September 16


Well, would you believe it. The title of my last post was 'Time Out', and already I have to take time out. I didn't take our cycling holiday into account when I signed up for the 30 day challenge.  I also have some outstanding commissions and some studio adjustments to make.

Tuesday, September 1

Time Out

Here we go, another 30 paintings in 30 days challenge.
Let's see what I can learn this time.

8 inches x 8 inches 
Time Out
Oil on box canvas

I'll attempt to be as loose as I can as I get further into the challenge. This is a scene from Sene...a small town on the coast in the Morbihan region of France. I love the way families here spend time together.

Monday, November 12


Ken Devine -A Daily Painter's Journal - 2012.

At last! My Blurb book with 150 images has been published and is available.  The details will appear in my sidebar once I've figured out how to add the link, and you'll be able to view every page.

I have one on my shelf right now...I'm quite impressed with it.

So, where have I been of late? I've been ill...nothing serious, but feeling considerably better and ready to paint again.

Friday, August 3

Double Vision

8x8 ins Oil on board
A single daisy featured in last week's painting, this week I wanted to paint a super-quick one (blame the Olympics). I'm experimenting with this different painting style.
I couldn't resist calling it 'Double Vision' because it looks like a pair of eyes...I should have been watching what I was doing :)

Monday, July 23

Daisy Lady

8x8 ins Oil on board
I was in the garden today and couldn't resist the daisies Eileen gave us a few years ago. I think it's the contrasting colours that caught my eye after I'd cut the grass and sat down for a rest. There was a bee in there but it just wouldn't stay put.

Thursday, July 19

Father and Son

8x8 inches Oil on board
I like to think it was a father and son on Suscinio beach. Loved the colours.

Wednesday, July 18

Men and Buoy

8x8 oil on board
Staying with Suscinio and it's section of rocky sea-weed strewn beach. I loved the trapped pools of colour and rich contrasts.

Wednesday, July 11


8x8 Oil on board
An hour stroll along this French beach with my friend David, leaving the girls to doze in the sunshine, brought some interesting sights. I was taken with seaweed, pebbles and the light catching pools of water. There were so many different colours. I'll perhaps re-name this painting when I remember where it was. Not only have I re-named it, but I've also added more detail in the foreground because the figures in the distance were more distinct than the immediate foreground...can't have that!

Thursday, May 10

Hot Underfoot

Thought I'd warm the sand up a little. The good thing about being an artist is that you can do what you want whenever you want and however you want.

Wednesday, May 9

Emerald Gem

Continuing with my seaside project is this emerald gem. It's amazing how many colours are reflected in the sea and it's no wonder it continually fascinates and holds my attention. 

Tuesday, May 8

On A Roll

As I was still ill last week and unable to complete my week at the seaside project, I decided to carry on with it today. I just love the wind whipping the wave tops. My challenge was not to use any blue.

Wednesday, April 25


Continuing with a week at the seaside is today's offering. I was captivated with the way the crests of the breakers were being whipped by the fresh breeze. I think I'd like to paint some of these much larger...perhaps 3'x3'.