Tuesday, December 22

Muffin, Banksy and Tufti

The last of this year's commissions. It was challenging because of the colouring of the dogs, but I'm pleased with the outcome.  I worked from a number of photos and had to deal with colour variation and differing backgrounds.  Merging the dogs wasn't the easiest thing either. Tufti is on the right and is no longer with us. I need to order more payne's grey :)

Wednesday, September 16


Well, would you believe it. The title of my last post was 'Time Out', and already I have to take time out. I didn't take our cycling holiday into account when I signed up for the 30 day challenge.  I also have some outstanding commissions and some studio adjustments to make.

Tuesday, September 1

Time Out

Here we go, another 30 paintings in 30 days challenge.
Let's see what I can learn this time.

8 inches x 8 inches 
Time Out
Oil on box canvas

I'll attempt to be as loose as I can as I get further into the challenge. This is a scene from Sene...a small town on the coast in the Morbihan region of France. I love the way families here spend time together.

Monday, November 12


Ken Devine -A Daily Painter's Journal - 2012.
At last! My Blurb book with 150 images has been published and is available.  The details will appear in my sidebar once I've figured out how to add the link, and you'll be able to view every page.

I have one on my shelf right now...I'm quite impressed with it.

So, where have I been of late? I've been ill...nothing serious, but feeling considerably better and ready to paint again.

Friday, August 3

Double Vision

8x8 ins Oil on board
A single daisy featured in last week's painting, this week I wanted to paint a super-quick one (blame the Olympics). I'm experimenting with this different painting style.
I couldn't resist calling it 'Double Vision' because it looks like a pair of eyes...I should have been watching what I was doing :)

Monday, July 23

Daisy Lady

8x8 ins Oil on board
I was in the garden today and couldn't resist the daisies Eileen gave us a few years ago. I think it's the contrasting colours that caught my eye after I'd cut the grass and sat down for a rest. There was a bee in there but it just wouldn't stay put.

Thursday, July 19

Father and Son

8x8 inches Oil on board
I like to think it was a father and son on Suscinio beach. Loved the colours.

Wednesday, July 18

Men and Buoy

8x8 oil on board
Staying with Suscinio and it's section of rocky sea-weed strewn beach. I loved the trapped pools of colour and rich contrasts.

Wednesday, July 11


8x8 Oil on board
An hour stroll along this French beach with my friend David, leaving the girls to doze in the sunshine, brought some interesting sights. I was taken with seaweed, pebbles and the light catching pools of water. There were so many different colours. I'll perhaps re-name this painting when I remember where it was. Not only have I re-named it, but I've also added more detail in the foreground because the figures in the distance were more distinct than the immediate foreground...can't have that!

Thursday, May 10

Hot Underfoot

Thought I'd warm the sand up a little. The good thing about being an artist is that you can do what you want whenever you want and however you want.

Wednesday, May 9

Emerald Gem

Continuing with my seaside project is this emerald gem. It's amazing how many colours are reflected in the sea and it's no wonder it continually fascinates and holds my attention. 

Tuesday, May 8

On A Roll

As I was still ill last week and unable to complete my week at the seaside project, I decided to carry on with it today. I just love the wind whipping the wave tops. My challenge was not to use any blue.

Wednesday, April 25


Continuing with a week at the seaside is today's offering. I was captivated with the way the crests of the breakers were being whipped by the fresh breeze. I think I'd like to paint some of these much larger...perhaps 3'x3'.

Tuesday, April 24


The same wave as yesterday's painting...just before crashing. I love the way the sand is churned up when each wave arrives.

Monday, April 23

Wave Length

6x6 ins. Oil on board
This was an early visit to Vane Tempest a few weeks ago when the sea,wind and sun combined to lift my soul. Oh, we do like to be beside the seaside:)

Wednesday, April 4

Tuesday, February 28

Capital One

12"x12" deep box canvas.
I was at Capital One's headquarters in Nottingham today promoting my blog, my art and DailyPaintWorks. It was a good experience which even resulted in sales. 

Tuesday, February 21

My DIY Plein Air Easel

I gave myself a brief not to spend a single penny, not to have any wing-nuts, to have a facility to protect the painted boards until I got home and for it to be quick and easy to erect and dismantle.
 David & Eileen Flinn gave me the perspex last week. The backing board was salvaged from the summer house. The stand was a laser spirit level setup that David & Eileen gave as a birthday present about a hundred years ago...I used the laser to get the footings right while building our extension...I never used the stand but always felt I would in the future. The palette mixing tray was made from an old drawing board I've had kicking around for longer than I care to remember. The edging strips are left over from a job I did a number of years ago.The black paint I've had for about ten years and I'm surprised it's still okay. The white primer undercoat paint was bought about six years ago. Total cost including tacks and glue = zero.

Step one...slot the tray onto the stand...
 Not to forget the perspex mixing area and backing board easel bit...
 Ah yes! The parasol finishes it off quite nicely. It belongs to my Mother in Law who doesn't yet know she's donated it.
 The backing board, which can hold a 6x6 or 10x8 at the very least, is held in place with the only screw fitting in the centre, directly to the easel behind. The paintings are on ledges and also have a bit of blu-tak on the back so that the painting doesn't flop forward as the whole thing fits snuggly on top of the mixing tray and is clipped together for safe transportation.  I found the clips in my studio a few weeks ago while tidying up.
I also plan...again without cost, to add a bar to the right of the mixing tray with two containers to hold thinners etc! Holes will be drilled at the base of the apple and spoon to slip my brushes into (it's a stand alone piece of wood) and tubes of paint will rest in the black areas at the back of the mixing tray either side of the brushes.

I'll need a trolly to carry it all in, but I have my eye on the one my Mother in Law uses...I think she really needs a new one:)

I'm well pleased and up for the challenge of my first plein air experience on Monday to Staithes.

I was wrong about the cost...my jig-saw blew up while I was cutting the slotting shapes and my Mother in Law doesn't have one:) I'll have to buy one eventually, but for now I borrowed one from next door.

Monday, February 6

First Fall

6x6 Oil on board
We went for a walk around our local lake in the fresh snow yesterday and captured some lovely crisp scenes. This is one of them. When snow first falls, it's gorgeous for everyone...except motorists.

Wednesday, February 1


6x6 Oil on board
These boats are on the River Wear and, as a kid, I used the area as a playground...particularly under the quay on the right.  I'm lucky to be alive to tell the tale. I do enjoy playing with colour and feel comfortable with abstraction

Friday, January 27

Morning Glory

The strength of colour of the foliage took my breath away and I knew I had to paint them.

Tuesday, January 24

Touch of Gold

I have had another go at this scene which I first painted some time ago but was never satisfied with. I'm particularly happy with the temperature and warmth...not always easy to accomplish with greens and yellows. I'm also pleased with the foreground (palette knife) and overall composition. I may yet add a little more foliage but hopefully I'll resist the temptation. 

Friday, January 20

Heading North

I caught this view from the passenger seat as we drove north a few weeks ago. Bev is to the right and the steering wheel to the left. It was a brief window of opportunity as a second later the road dipped and trees obscured the view. I've seen a few industrial scenes of late that I've liked the colour of and want to paint.

Wednesday, January 18

Safe Waters

6x6 Oil on board
A slap it on thick and fast type of painting applied with a palette knife and brush without too much time thinking about it. This is a French harbour but I no longer remember where it was. This is another one of those scenes that I will paint time and time again without any of them looking the same.

Tuesday, January 17


6x6 Oil on board
I loved the way the light hit the grass bank and decided to add more lemon yellow, although this image shows a tad more yellow than the original.

Monday, January 16

The Pond

6x6 Oil on board
Can't quite get the vibrancy and depth of colour with this photograph...I'll try again when I have natural dayight.
The scene is the pond in Yvon's woods in Brittany...a place I always visit and sit on the makeshift bench to have a quiet moment or two. It's also a place that I will paint time and time again.
Still trying to find a good price to replace the lens I broke.

Friday, December 23

Woodland Path

I've painted this scene before but wanted to do another sketch as I had paint still on the palette. 

Thursday, December 22

Brittany Broad Walk

6x6 Oil on board
It's a great feeling to walk along broad woodland paths surrounded by dazzling golden dancing droplets of sunshine. I've walked Yvon's woods for a number of years now and have only once come across another person other than Yvon or a close friend. It's so peaceful and tranquil. I love the place.

Thursday, December 8

On Golden Pond

I started this some time ago and decided against the subject matter and put it to one side. As I've painted a few ducks recently, I thought I'd re-visit and finish it off. Knowing me, I'll continue to tinker with it.

Wednesday, December 7


This is the larger version of the small study I painted earlier in the year. I enjoyed the freedom of painting larger and may even go bigger as this particular scene isn't out of my system yet.